Our field is a "field paint only" field. No outside paint can be brought onto the facility. Anyone caught using outside paint will be ejected from the park without refunds. This is due to environmental restrictions. Thank you for your understanding
Item Name Price
4 game party paintball or Splatball $32.00 pp
Package 2. Entry, rental equipment, 500 balls $45.00 +tax
Package 3. Entry, rental equipment, 1000 balls, unlimited air fills $65.00 +tax
Just an entry fee $16.00
Just a rental package $15.00
Paintballs 500 balls to 2000 $15-$45

Gladiator Paintball Park

We are the Centrals Coast's premier Paintball Park. 10 acres and 8 completely supervised fields. Play the game for excitment and great exercise! The biggest and baddest Paintball Field in Central California.

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